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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


Parts BABETTA 207, 210, 225 / Handlebars

 Wreath of steering Babetta

Our Price 2.30 EUR

Belt- Praděd

Our Price 2.00 EUR


Our Price 2.00 EUR


Our Price 2.00 EUR

Case of lever 5x7x7 - Jawa,CZ 6V

Our Price 0.20 EUR

Decompressor lever–PVC

Our Price 3.30 EUR

Decompressor spring - Babetta 207

Our Price 1.30 EUR

Ending of handlebars

Our Price 2.10 EUR

Engine shutdown - ground connection

Our Price 6.00 EUR

Gas grip-“fast firing“

Our Price 13.80 EUR

Grip LEFT-Domino

Our Price 24.60 EUR

Grip RIGHT-Domino

Our Price 27.70 EUR

Handlebar plug - left (polished)

Our Price 2.30 EUR

Handlebar plug - right (polished)

Our Price 2.60 EUR

Handlebar, BLACK (CZ) - Babetta

Our Price 24.60 EUR

Handlebar, CHROME (CZ) - Babetta

Our Price 44.60 EUR

Handlebar, CHROME - Stella

Our Price 12.10 EUR

Handlebar, GREY (CZ) - Babetta

Our Price 24.60 EUR


Handlebar, WHITE (CZ) - Babetta

Our Price 24.60 EUR

Holder of handlebars-Set Babetta

Our Price 6.10 EUR


Our Price 12.90 EUR

Mirror - universal-ANGULAR 10x1,25

Our Price 10.60 EUR

Mirror - universal-ANGULAR 8x1,25

Our Price 10.90 EUR

Mirror - universal-ROUND 8x1,25

Our Price 10.90 EUR

Regulatory screw - Domino

Our Price 7.90 EUR

Sleeve of gas grip

Our Price 4.80 EUR

Sleeve of handlebar - Stella

Our Price 2.10 EUR

Sleeve of mirror D10

Our Price 1.00 EUR

Sleeve of mirror D8

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Spacer planchet of gas grip 0,3 mm

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Support of handlebar - Stella

Our Price 2.10 EUR

Switch handlebar - CHROME - UNI

Our Price 9.20 EUR

Switch handlebar-ZINC-UNI

Our Price 6.00 EUR

Switch of lights + klaxon - Babetta

Our Price 6.90 EUR

Switch with lever set - Simson

Our Price 23.30 EUR