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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


Parts BABETTA 207, 210, 225 / Clutch


Carrier of jaws, HEAVY - Babetta

Our Price 16.20 EUR

Carrier of jaws, LIGHT - Babetta

Our Price 16.20 EUR

Clutch carrier Babetta207

Our Price 29.00 EUR

Clutch drum (hub) Babetta 207

Our Price 26.90 EUR

Cover of clutch Babetta

Our Price 3.50 EUR

Drum (hub) complete Babetta 210

Our Price 21.20 EUR

Gear jaws HEAVY Babetta2pcs

Our Price 16.30 EUR

Gear jaws LIGHT Babetta 2pcs

Our Price 14.60 EUR

Leaf spring Babetta210,225

Our Price 1.30 EUR

Nut of drum Babetta210

Our Price 1.10 EUR

Nut of shaft M10x1,25

Our Price 0.84 EUR

Protective cover of shifting jaws

Our Price 1.90 EUR

Puller of drum - Babetta 207

Our Price 5.60 EUR

Puller of drum Babetta

Our Price 2.70 EUR

Puller of drum - Babetta 210

Our Price 5.50 EUR

Safety-clip of 6 gear jaws tenon

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Safety-clip of-snap ring 3

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Safety-clip of-snap ring 5

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Safety-clip of-snap ring 7

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Safety-clip of-snap ring 8

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Safety-clip of-snap ring 9

Our Price 0.20 EUR

Screw of flywheel - Babetta 207

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Sealing ring 19x15

Our Price 0.30 EUR

Spacer ring Babetta

Our Price 0.80 EUR

Spring of starter jaws 210

Our Price 0.50 EUR

Spring of starter jaws Babetta 207

Our Price 0.40 EUR

Starter jaws 207 2pcs

Our Price 7.10 EUR

Starter jaws 210 2pcs

Our Price 7.10 EUR

Starting drum Babetta

Our Price 20.00 EUR

Starting jaw complete 207 3pcs

Our Price 10.00 EUR

Starting jaw complete 210 3pcs

Our Price 13.30 EUR

Starting jaws - Babetta 207

Our Price 8.40 EUR

Tenon of gear jaw ( BAB 210 )

Our Price 0.60 EUR


Toothed belt braun- Babetta

Our Price 13.20 EUR

Washer of starting drum I.

Our Price 0.40 EUR

Washer of starting drum II.

Our Price 0.40 EUR