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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


Parts BABETTA 207, 210, 225 / Front fork


Buzzer (6V), BLACK (TWN) - UNI

Our Price 9.60 EUR


Cover of glider – lower Babetta

Our Price 5.00 EUR

Cover of speedometer

Our Price 5.20 EUR

Cuff of fork - Stella

Our Price 2.10 EUR

FRONT fork complete Babetta 210,225

Our Price 75.00 EUR

Girder of FRONT fork-Babetta207

Our Price 7.50 EUR

Girder of steering - Stella

Our Price 5.50 EUR

Glider LEFT Babetta

Our Price 12.10 EUR

Glider RIGHT Babetta

Our Price 12.10 EUR

Glider, LEFT - Stella

Our Price 6.70 EUR

Glider, RIGHT - Stella

Our Price 6.70 EUR

Holder of speedometer Babetta 210

Our Price 4.40 EUR

Horn button - Jawa/CZ

Our Price 7.90 EUR

Key ring - JAWA BOSCH key

Our Price 16.50 EUR

Key ring - JAWA flat key

Our Price 16.50 EUR


Our Price 19.20 EUR

Spring of telescopes OUTER Babetta

Our Price 2.90 EUR

Spring of telescopes-INNER Babetta

Our Price 2.10 EUR

Wristband of forks Babetta 210

Our Price 1.90 EUR