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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


Parts JAWA 350 type 634-640 / Wheels-Brakes


Bearing 6205-2RSR

Our Price 2.70 EUR

Bearing 6302 2RS

Our Price 2.70 EUR

Brake hose - Jawa 639-640

Our Price 21.90 EUR

Brake pads - Set- Jawa 639-640 -MCN

Our Price 11.20 EUR

Brake switch SIM, pull switch - UNI

Our Price 5.20 EUR

Brake switch, rear - JAWA ,ČZ

Our Price 5.80 EUR

Cap of bleed screw - UNI

Our Price 0.50 EUR

CARLSON - Brake cleaner

Our Price 2.90 EUR

CARLSON - Brake fluid DOT3 HD205

Our Price 3.10 EUR

CARLSON - Brake fluid DOT4 HD265

Our Price 3.30 EUR

CARLSON - Chain cleaner

Our Price 5.20 EUR

CARLSON - Chain spray

Our Price 4.20 EUR

CARLSON - Tyre care, aerosol

Our Price 4.60 EUR

CARLSON - Tyre care, cream

Our Price 6.10 EUR

CARLSON - Tyre repair

Our Price 8.70 EUR

Chain clip 1/2''x1/8''

Our Price 0.80 EUR

Chain tensioner - Jawa 640 Tramp

Our Price 6.70 EUR

Key to spokes centering

Our Price 1.70 EUR

Moto valve+cap

Our Price 0.83 EUR

Mounting lever

Our Price 4.40 EUR

Mounting lever - UNI

Our Price 6.25 EUR

Nut (wings) AL-M6

Our Price 3.50 EUR

Nut (wings) M6 CHROME

Our Price 10.00 EUR

Nut of spoke M4-16

Our Price 0.40 EUR

Nut of wheel axis M14 with washer

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Pump of front brake - Jawa 639,640

Our Price 91.70 EUR