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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


Parts JAWA 350 type 634-640 / Fuel tank

 Spring of fuel tank - Jawa 634

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Clip of fuel tube

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Fibre washer - 14x18x1,5

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Fuel cap - original - Jawa 638-640

Our Price 14.60 EUR

Fuel filter

Our Price 1.70 EUR

Fuel filter-ANGULAR

Our Price 1.90 EUR

Fuel filter-ROUND

Our Price 1.90 EUR

Fuel tank, BLUE (CZ) - JAWA 350 640

Our Price 217.00 EUR

Fuel tank, RED (CZ) - JAWA 350 640

Our Price 217.00 EUR

Fuel tap flow - universal

Our Price 4.10 EUR

Fuel tap-JAWA-CZ-short lever

Our Price 10.42 EUR

Fuel tube Ø5mm, 50 cm

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Gasoline filter

Our Price 1.70 EUR

Needle felt of tank plugs - round

Our Price 2.50 EUR

Sealing of petrol valve - JAWA, ČZ

Our Price 0.50 EUR

Sifter of petrol valve Jawa

Our Price 2.10 EUR

Tank cap (SK) - JAWA, ČZ

Our Price 16.30 EUR

Tank cap (TUR) - JAWA, ČZ

Our Price 15.50 EUR

Tank cap - JAWA, ČZ, MZ

Our Price 16.00 EUR

Tank repair small kit (3x12L)

Our Price 70.40 EUR