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Jawa parts shop in Zlin (CZ)


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Accessories / Others

Balaclava - BLACK

Our Price 4.00 EUR

Ball for bearing 7.1 mm

Our Price 0.10 EUR


Our Price 10.84 EUR

Bodwen support

Our Price 0.70 EUR

Bodwen support (bell)

Our Price 0.70 EUR

Box MARS 6231 big C - 57x276x136 mm

Our Price 2.70 EUR

Clip of fuel tube

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Cover of induction coil

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Ending of plug with cable

Our Price 2.30 EUR

Engine shutdown - ground connection

Our Price 6.00 EUR

Engine switch - Babetta, Korádo

Our Price 5.60 EUR

Eyelet of cable 3.2 mm

Our Price 0.13 EUR

Eyelet of cable 4.5 mm

Our Price 0.13 EUR

Eyelet of cable 5.5 mm

Our Price 0.13 EUR

Fuel filter-ROUND

Our Price 1.90 EUR

Fuel tap flow - universal

Our Price 4.10 EUR

Fuel tube Ø5mm, 50 cm

Our Price 0.60 EUR

Gasoline filter

Our Price 1.70 EUR

Gasoline filter - paper

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Handlebar with horizontal bar - UNI

Our Price 38.30 EUR

Holder of handlebar - UNI

Our Price 9.80 EUR

Insulation Tape 15 mm/10 m - BLACK

Our Price 0.40 EUR

Moto first aid kit

Our Price 6.00 EUR

Needle felt of tank plugs - round

Our Price 2.50 EUR

Number plate-FRONT mudguard - 23 cm

Our Price 3.10 EUR

Nut (wings) AL-M6

Our Price 3.50 EUR

Nut (wings) M6 CHROME

Our Price 10.00 EUR

Rubber of logo tank - Californian

Our Price 1.20 EUR

Seal pumps - Leather

Our Price 0.40 EUR

Sealing cord - 1mm/1m

Our Price 0.80 EUR

Seat clip

Our Price 0.10 EUR

Set - Gas

Our Price 11.00 EUR

Sleeve of induction coil

Our Price 1.70 EUR

Spacer planchet of gas grip 0,3 mm

Our Price 1.50 EUR

Switch of handlebar - aluminum

Our Price 11.40 EUR

Switchbox- ''Simson'' - universal

Our Price 7.90 EUR

Terminal block 1-4 mm2 WHITE

Our Price 0.50 EUR

Washer of number plate - universal

Our Price 2.30 EUR