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Contactless ignition VAPE (SZ14-2) 2-Cylinders / 6V - JAWA, ČZ



Product no.: 1665
Manufacturer: VAPE
Performance: Electronic 6V / 100W
Weight: 2,280 kg
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318.48 EUR

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Full specifications

Contactless ignition VAPE (SZ14-2) 2-Cylinders / 6V - JAWA, ČZ

Note.: Connection scheme is available only in czech languague.

Can be used for:  
ČZ ČZ 250 type 471 - two cylinders
ČZ ČZ 350 type 472 - two cylinders
JAWA 250 Bizon type 623
JAWA 350 Bizon type 633
JAWA 350 type 18 (Pérák)
JAWA 350 type 354 (Kývačka)
JAWA 350 type 360 (Panelka)
JAWA 350 type 361 (Sport)
JAWA 350 type 362 (Californian)
JAWA 350 type 634

6V source and ignition set, for two-cylinders, two-stroke, right-handed motors.

Power source 100W.
Output on 2 spark plugs.

Usage for Jawa 250/623 Bizon, Jawa 350/633 Bizon, Jawa 350 Pérák, Jawa 350/354, 360, 632 (kromě roku výroby 1989/90), 634, Jawa 350 Californian, ČZ250/471
The set does not include a charging lamp output.

Set includes:
A-A69S-2 - Stator
A-A69R-1 - Rotor
A-S01T - Sensor
A-R64 - Controller
A-Z67 - Ignition Coil
A-A69N-2 - Stator carrier
64066015 - Coil holder

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by unprofessional commissioning, improper installation, incorrect handling of the goods, improper maintenance or improper handling.

The requirement to claim the claim procedure is to provide a proof of professional assembly.

This product is not eligible for a registered discount.

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