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Polished set for aluminum and ..., type A 130 mm


Product no.: 3511
Manufacturer: CZ / GB
Performance: POLISHING SET
Weight: 0,576 kg
Our Price without Tax : 7.93 EUR
Our Price including Tax (21 %):
9.60 EUR

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Full specifications

Set for aluminum and other nonferrous metals, type A 130 mm

Polishing set for SLIGHTLY oxidized aluminum and ferrous metals, stainless steel, nickel etc. It is used for achieve a very high luster on all metallic materials but also plastics and precious metals.

For each type of paste, we recommend your own disc. Do not confuse disks that are used for sanding with discs that you use to polish !!! The paste is applied to the spinning wheel and gently applying to the disc for about 4sec. Application time influences the amount of the deposited paste onto the wheel and thus the abrasive effect. When decrease polishing effect, again is to be applied paste.

1 x calico pulley diameter of 130 mm

1 x White Max (polishing paste, final gloss 9
Production: United Kingdom

White Max: cut / removal: 4 Gloss: 9