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Carburettor 21N1-11 (BVF), TUNNING - Simson S51,S70



Product no.: 4756
Manufacturer: DE (BFV / MZA)
Performance: 21N1-11
Weight: 0,510 kg
Our Price without Tax : 42.89 EUR
Our Price including Tax (21 %):
51.90 EUR

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Full specifications

Carburettor 21N1-11 (BVF), TUNNING - Simson S51,S70

Note.: The BVF carburetor with more peak power due to a larger cross section of 21mm passage (22mm throttle) in a completely new housing (new mold). The BVF carburetor has a much better and cleaner mixture preparation (throttle response & part load behavior) due to a completely new part-load needle shape in connection with a suitable atomizer and nozzle. The BVF carburetor has a guided gas spring and housing cover with an O-ring seal, the clamping of the part needle has been improved (rattles no longer) and easier assembly. The float chamber has a separate drain with central screw. The gasoline connection is straight. The BVF carburetor has a 21mm passage and a 110 main jet. This is an original spare part.

Nozzle equipment:
Main nozzle 110
Idling nozzle 35
Starter nozzle 50
Partial Needle 12 (normal)
Needle nozzle 205
Float needle valve 20

The float level must be set correctly to ensure the function in all load conditions! Closed state (28 + 1mm) / open state (34 + 1mm) see picture!

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