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AIR filter (MZA) - Simson



Product no.: 4971
Manufacturer: DE (MZA)
Performance: PLASTIC / FOAM
Weight: 0,086 Kg
Our Price without Tax : 34.13 EUR
Our Price including Tax (21 %):
41.30 EUR

Full specifications

AIR filter (MZA) - Simson

Note.: Tuning air filter for Simson S50, S51, S70. Air outlet is 10cm in diameter. Special filter mat consists of 2 layers, a coarse protective filter layer and a fine protective filter layer. To clean the filter mat you can use normal household cleaner. It should be noted that after cleaning, allow the filter mat to dry completely and then use filter oil. The installation is very easy. The air filter is for uprated engines. When installing the tuning air filter change and adjustment of the carburetor is necessary!

Can be used for:

Simson S50, S51, S70


The product of the MZA, which is the exclusive holder of the SIMSON brand.

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