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Plastic universal grease - MOGUL LV 2-M



Product no.: 3959
Manufacturer: CZ
Performance: Tube 100 ml
Weight: 0,098 Kg
Our Price without Tax : 3.46 EUR
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4.19 EUR

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Full specifications

Plastic universal grease - MOGUL LV 2-M

It is designed especially for lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings, operating at increased to high pressures and high dynamic strains; It is also suitable for lubrication of gears and other lubrication points. It is capable of long-term operation over a wide range of temperatures. Frequent is its use for lubrication of loaded roller bearings, as well as bearings operated without lubrication (long-term to life load). It is advantageously used for lubrication of railway vehicle mechanisms and for lubrication of shock-absorbing sliding bearings (pins and sleeves of mobile machines, leaf pens, cardans, etc.). Due to the content of the solid lubricant component, it is not recommended in rolling bearings with higher peripheral speeds. Good water resistance is a prerequisite for this product also for use in water-resistant bearings

Temperature range -30 ° C to 120 ° C

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